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The Flyknit constructed upper of the Nike Jr. Superfly 6 Elite FG wraps your foot for an all-enveloping, second-skin-like fit straight out of the box. A 2-part podular plate system provides responsive traction at every step.


  • Flyknit construction with Dynamic Fit collar wraps around your foot for a 360-degree feeling.
  • Podular plate system creates responsive traction.
  • Textured synthetic overlay provides touch at high speeds.
  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology optimizes ball control in wet and dry weather.
  • Kid-specific fit flexes with your foot.
  • Cushioned foam heel lining grips your foot and helps hold boot in place.
  • Chevron studs facilitate bursts of speed and quick stops.
  • Shown: Armory Blue/Wolf Grey/Hyper Crimson/Black
  • Style: AH7340-408
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discount nfl jerseys china wholesale nfl jerseys Canucks coach Travis Green confirmed the two forwards have been activated off the injured reserve list before Saturday game.Ferland, Beagle and Brandon Sutter all took part in practice on Friday at Burnaby 8 Rinks and Green had said afterwards that all three were a possibility for Saturday.Sutter will obviously have to wait until at least Tuesday against the Toronto Maple Leafs to make his return to the lineup; he\’s been out since the middle of November with a groin strain.Beagle returned to his customary spot on the fourth line, while Ferland was swapping in on his right wing with Zack MacEwen. Sutter, who seems the least likely of the three to play, was swapping in and out on right wing with Jake Virtanen on the third line.Before the game the Canucks re assigned MacEwen to Utica, freeing up roster space for the two forwards and the return of goaltender Jacob Markstrom. Markstrom, Beagle and Ferland have been activated.The big winger suffered a concussion in a fight more than a month ago with Kyle Clifford of the Los Angeles Kings wholesale nfl jerseys discount nfl jerseys china.

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